3WAN Inc.

“3WAN specializes in network visibility tools for large networks and data centers. Our customers include telcos, provincial corporations, wholesale and retail distributers, health care providers, utility companies, school districts, military and government departmental networks.

We needed to open doors with new potential customers; and start relationships with additional suppliers. Francis Waller provided lists, documents to send decision-makers, additions to our website, cold calling, ongoing communications and more.

These services are really valuable to us. We are technical people and appreciate the communications skills Francis delivered reliably.”

Focus Inspections

“With our busy schedule we didn’t have the time to market our services. I turned to Francis Waller at Steady Contractor to update my website, write new text, contact commercial building owners. Francis provided a team to write and send emails and contact potential clientele. The way Francis and his team preformed made a lot of sense. This has directly helped me: from getting inspection requests through my website, to generating discussions and inspections with commercial real estate companies.”

Electric Audio Video Solutions

“I used Steady Contractor to write text for my website, develop sales plans to reach realtors and home builders, design a company logo, organize my contacts, and more.

As well, to make sure I’m able to keep everything progressing, I was given a custom version of the Marketing Calendar. That shows me how to get new projects completed, and includes a calendar of the parts that need to be done. It really helps me stay on track for each week.

The combination of giving me completed business development tools, and guiding me for those actions I can do myself, makes Steady Contractor really valuable to my business.”

HRT Computers

“Francis has done an incredible job offering guidance and consulting services for my company. He has provided us with detailed marketing strategies that have given us a fresh take on helping our clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, detail-oriented marketing specialist who takes pride in his work.”

Buckley Drywall

“It’s a powerful tool, when you target market. It makes the most of my time so it’s not wasted with people not appropriate for my business. Now I don’t need any more marketing because I’m busy enough.

We needed to get more of the right types of jobs, not just ordinary drywall contracts.

Francis put together a plan, made sure I approved everything he suggested, gave me some great ideas and then did the work of contacting good potential general contractors.

The results: I have gained a number of new contracts in the past few weeks, and now have built my name with more to get the right types of contracts in the future. The Steady Contractor system worked so much I am now advertising for more drywall boarders and finishers.

Showed me how to navigate the process; really helped a lot.”

Superior Home Inspections

“My goal is to increase my business by 20%. Francis Waller has developed a website, lists of my best potential referral sources, contact tools and systems, and ideas on how to get people to remember me.

This not a business of selling. Our reputation is very important and I’ve improved mine of the years through dependable service. Communicating my difference to realtors and their clients is what works for me. The service Francis Waller provides really fit what I was looking for.”

All Painting Ltd.

“When I first start talking with Francis Waller of Steady Contractor about writing for All Painting Ltd., I didn’t quite see the need for in-depth writing.

Now that he’s delivered original text we can use on our website, in emails and for other purposes, I can honestly say “I’m impressed”. The research that’s been done to understand the concerns of our business customers shows he cares about the results we need to get.”

Landco Contracting

“My excavating business focuses on the eastern part of the Fraser Valley. While I know a lot of people in the area, it’s changing and growing quickly. I talked with Francis of Steady Contractor and discussed how to get the Landco Contracting name out to more potential customers. That’s an important 1st step in building my off-season business.

The website Steady Contractor built shows the types of jobs we can do and the kinds of businesses that need it. When potential customers see it, they see a professional company.  By building up contacts who will use us in the slower months, our annual profit increases a lot. That’s why we are working with Steady Contractor.”

McCrann’s Carpet Finishing

“We needed some fresh ideas so I contracted Francis Waller to help build our sales. The services that have been performed for McCrann’s included:- Review of our sales materials including our website, brochures, display materials, retailer support pieces;

– Recommendations on new sales materials and wrote outlines, letters and other pieces;
– Identified new target markets, created sales tools to deliver our message to these new leads, routines with schedules for our regular staff to prospect and sell of these new markets;
– Facilitated sales meetings where our different managers brought forward their ideas to better serve existing clients and how to deal with the new clients we were attracting.

Overall, the results were profitable and rewarding.

Francis was able to see which markets and pieces we needed quickly and inexpensively and which we could delay. Francis’ enthusiasm energized both my staff and me. He was eager to learn our trade and even was willing to lug our heavy sample bag to potential customers offices so he could learn more about McCrann’s customers.

This process helped us move into new markets to broaden sales and stabilize our business.”