When real estate agents to talk to each other, and when home-buyers ask for a home inspector referral, they give the name of the inspector they think is most reliable, available, knowledgeable…

The list of realtor comments below was collected from Linked in, Facebook and Reddit realtor chat groups.

Keep your communications simple. In-Person; Phone; Emails To Agents; Website; Your Report; Referral Partners, Emails To Clients After; Business Cards; Social Media; Brochure; Presentation At A Brokerage; Content For Agent’s Websites…

If you can show agents that you are most of the following qualities, their trust in you will grow.
• Attention to detail
• Available to explain comments in report
• Easy to contact & schedule
• Experienced
• Friendly
• Good communicator
• Good photos
• Honest
• Knowledgeable
• On time
• Organized
• Professional
• Service-oriented

Grow your reputation, with a plan.

How will you teach more agents that you have most of these qualities? Steady Contractor has a fully customizable plan to setup your communications efficiently.

Let’s discuss how to talk with more agents, affordably, with an effective schedule.

What real estate agents want in a Home Inspector

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