Talk to more people with information that helps them decide your stucco services are right for their project.

Do you have ways to communicate these facts below about stucco? Getting more good contracts includes helping customers understand what you offer.

Show & Tell
Photographs: before & after, process of the work, happy homeowners pictures.
Customer’s comments: very important.
History and stability of your business.
Show how you work well with other contractors to make sure the project is completed professionally.

Examples of Stucco Textures
A lot of people don’t understand how stucco protects their home:
– homeowners
– designers
– renovators
– home builders
Do you have ways to appropriately talk to more of these people?

Help them understand the variety of finishes, colour and range of styles possible:
•    Curved or flat surfaces
•    Weather proof, moisture barrier, vapour permeable, resistant to fading, flame-proof
•    Natural look, unique shapes can be created
•    Low cost of maintenance

Some of these points should be on your website, some in your conversations and some in a simple presentation binder so people see you are prepared and ready to do a great job on their home or business.

Then they can compare you – WITHOUT thinking about price right away.

Want help getting more of the right types of customers? Talk to us at Steady Contractor. We help our clients get more of the right types of customers.
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What makes business sense for Stucco Contractors?

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