Start with your Core Message – it’s true, it’s simple, it’s appropriate & it works in different places.

We start by learning & understanding your real difference, in the minds of your better customer. That forces us to understand how they will compare you and what they remember about you.

It’s not complex however it does take experience to learn & then polish the message.

– Website
– Conversations
– Email
– Business cards
– Proposals
– Self-Introductions
– Presentations
– Signs
(and those other occasions to teach people your difference)

This is what we deliver: Clear messages that connect the right people to your business. Need examples? Talk to Steady Contractor for details.

Think about these questions to help understand the message you want to communicate:

  1. What’s your specialty that people remember?
  2. How do you say it and show it?
  3. Use those memorable ideas in conversations, business cards, flyers, truck & lawn signs and your website.
  4. Teach your referral partners your specialty, and learn theirs.
  5. Learn the specialties of your referral partners and find them leads.
  6. Organize your lists of leads, customers, referral partners and suppliers.
  7. Good graphic design, just like good equipment design, stands up in many conditions. Not expensive but appropriate.
  8. Keep a library of documents, photos and graphics ready for the website, presentation and other places you might need it.
  9. Make and use a calendar of business development actions.
  10. Measure the actions and when you know which mix of actions gets better results, focus your resources.
  11. Learn from others, through reading, networking and videos. Stay ahead of your competition.

Learn more – What To Communicate & How



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