Easily the most common comment I hear from successful home inspectors is something like “all the good real estate agents know me”.

Some Key Small Goals

  • Meet with single agents every week
  • Do presentations at brokerages every week
  • Organize your people connections with a Contact Management system you are comfortable with
  • Stay in touch with useful emails to those who have asked you for information (Nurturing)
  • Grow your number of Referral Partners (realtors, mortgage brokers, renovators, landscapers, movers etc)
  • Find an Accountability Partner: someone who is in same level of business development, maybe totally different service. You keep each other progressing and ask the tough questions
  • In-hand presentation binder to show your experience, training, testimonials, tools you use, types of structures you inspect. The binder can be more specific than your website because you can control which pages are show. However, much of the binder and website can be common content
  • Similar nurturing, website comments and social media used over time, wide variety of info
  • Little stories to tell your Referral Partners so they can pass those along to their contact.
  • Learn the little stories your Referral Partners can tell about themselves.

Don’t try to have a perfect website or presentation. It will get better over time as you get more face-to-face experience. Those personal connection are very powerful.

More connections are your Marketing Goal #1 – start developing relationships with as many a possible: that’s your #1 Marketing Goal.

Most won’t use you, however over time, a percentage will. When you grow the number of contacts you have, even 5% can become substantial.

One inspection trainer suggests: Get into at least 5 real estate brokerages each week in your first year. If that number is real, after a few months you will know who’s who, and you will be starting to go back to ones already contacted. That’s no problem if you have a good message to deliver each time and presentation. Repetition over time will grow the number of agents aware of you.

Marketing Essentials for a Home Inspector

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