The Marketing Calendar is customized based on your situation, competition and business goals. The main goal of your Marketing Calendar is to remove your marketing weaknesses, so you get more opportunities.

Then your strengths will shine. Find out how to move beyond your blind spots.

Test Your Contact List

  • Quickly review your list.
  • Learn which segments you need to add.
  • Find low-cost ways to meet those people.


  • Choose events & organizations to expand your list.
  • Attend a couple of times to test.
  • Learn how to get others talking & build your trust.

Contact Management

  • Move your full list of all contacts to a system you will use reliably.
  • Record the essential information & notes easily.
  • Find people & groups fast for efficiency.
  • Manage each contact to maximize potential.

Content: Writing & Graphics

  • Writing, photos and design for the web, signs, emails, printed materials & more.
  • Your key message will teach contacts, then your message is passed along.
  • Become memorable over time.

Segmenting & Nurturing

  • Get the right content to the right people.
  • Use same content for similar types of people efficiently.
  • Graduate the content over time to build relationships.


  • Understand your customer types reasonably well.
  • Learn the competitor’s situations.
  • Choose a memorable market position that fits you & your customers.

Automated Communications

  • Use a reliable calendar or method for each contact.
  • Deliver regular content people value.
  • Learn who is engaging in your communications.


  • Decide what is important.
  • Learn what is working & how you are progressing.
  • Fine-tune resources to build results better.

Paid Advertising & Promotions

  • Choose paid media which directly create interest with right people.
  • Create a wave of conversations & opportunities.
  • Use when results will be most profitable.

Referral Partnerships

  • Create strategic relationships with other contractors.
  • Learn each other’s business & preferred customers.
  • Give & get potential new customers at low cost.

The Process:

  1. After a short initial conversation, you receive an email with 10 Questions, specifically written for you.
  2. You read the 10 Questions, learn the range of contractor business development services Steady Contractor offers. This helps you prepare for the interview.
  3. A few days later, you and I talk in detail using the 10 Questions, and explore your situation and goals. The No-Fee Interview will guide the choice of the few marketing tools and processes you need to get more opportunities.
  4. Your customized Report is developed for you, with recommendations on the right sets of tools and marketing assets, budget and schedule to boost your business.
  5. You receive the Report, and we discuss your priorities.
  6. The actions, tools and assets you agree to are the basis of your personalized Marketing Calendar.

There are a number of other services available from Steady Contractor. Most clients of Steady Contractor only need 2-4 modules to get a significant boost in Sales Conversations.

You will become memorable as more people and your potential customers understand your special value. As your reputation grows, you will get more choices in opportunities, and be able to focus on the projects you prefer.

If you want to go to the next step, to receive the No-Fee Interview & Report, contact Steady Contractor to get started.