These are only signs – they don’t indicate the success of the company because that is a result of many factors. The signs can be the most public indication of the services and products that are delivered – only the work completed says more about the contractor.

You will notice I don’t have the best photos. Outdoor signs get blasted by rain and dirt – they can’t be too complex.

When these signs are being read, it’s usually only for less than 3 seconds. Your message needs to be very simple, recognizable and easy to understand. Why should a passing drive remember your lawn sign, truck or trailer sign? Keep it simple.

CampbellCare Truck Sign
Nice and Simple – Soothing Colors. Phone number and website are very prominent.
Columbus Construction Van Window
Nice Simple Logo. Doesn’t have to high cost to work well.
J.M.T Roofing Lawn Sign

Neighbors are always curious – this is simple to put up, low cost and weather resistant. Too bad the website address got cut off the bottom.

Devine Landscapes trailer Sign

Big, bold and easy to read

Hartley Paint van graphics

Simple and direct. Not very decorative or memorable though.

EPC van wrapper

They’ve included a series of photos, however I think they’ve tried to say too much.

RE Diversified van wrapper

Very bold graphics, not complex, phone number is obvious.

Lawnscape lawn sign

Simple and low cost, probably effective because it gets the message across in the name without reading extra text.

Marble renewal van window sign

A fair bit of detail, looks good but not very big. The marble graphic gets lost.

Men In Kilts truck sign

I’m not Scottish so I’m not sure what the benefit is – but the name is memorable. Some of the words, however blend in the tartan background.

My House lawn sign

Nice and Stylish – Looks like a good designer and not a carpenter’s work.

Mott Electric van

Been around a long time, don’t need to say much.

New-Well Home Contracting van sign

Nice design; on the side of the vehicle the graphic includes a hammer – that speaks a thousands of words.

Penfold Roofing lawn sign

1 lawn sign – name repeated 3 times.

Peter Harms Painting lawn sign

The mixing of the colour in the text makes it a bit difficult to read.

ReMax lawn sign

This really grabs the eye when you drive by.

Shangri-La Landscaping trailer sign

Nice graphics – Well done

Staple Stop van sign

Nicely done – on a smart phone, the numbers and letters are not the same as an ordinary phone. Good thing they put the numbers under NAIL.

Sticks and Stones Exteriors fence sign

Nice and stylish. Notice what they are selling.

Top Cat Contracting trailer sign

I had to look carefully to read the name because the logo confuses it. Don’t put detail over detail.