When you finally get to talk with someone about a possible contract, you need to be Not Average. Being memorable requires pictures people want to see, documents that impress them, and leave them with a sense that you can be trusted because you’re professional and organized.
Take 30 Seconds
You can say a lot on a website and show a lot of photos. In person, you don’t have the time. 30 seconds to show your portfolio using a binder is reasonable. If people have questions, you can show them more, teach them a bit, and impress them a lot.
A short presentation will separate you from most competitors. Be different.
Show Real Examples
Drywall, janitorial services – the great work is boring to look at. However, showing the full building gives people a good sense of the projects you work on. Home building & renovating, finishing carpentry, masonry, excavation – the great work makes for good pictures. Don’t worry about expensive photography because people are understanding when they see shots taken with a smart phone.
Series Shows Processes
Educating potential customers can be done quickly with a number of photos. From setup, to midway and then final completion, photos teach very effectively. And remember to include photos that show them approval stages.
Show Variety
Renovation, full new building, private home, large commercial, multi-unit project – demonstrate your range and experience.
Show Quality
If you use great products, show the labels and quickly tell people why you chose that brand: quality, easy installation, lower costs without sacrifice. Tell the story of selecting the right materials.
Show Your Safety Coverage
WorkSafe, insurance and bonding documents aren’t right for a website, however in a presentation binder they say “We are safe to work with”.
Show You’re Organized
  • Putting all this in 6-12 pages of a binder, along with forms, shows that you are prepared
  • Checklists to give people so they learn how to prepare if that’s important
  • Authorizations
  • Quote forms for yourself to make sure everything important is written down, and you collect people’s information professionally
  • Calculator
  • Business cards
  • Paper pad, pen and pencil
Writing: very short, but descriptive.
Shorter than this email. If it take you more than 1 minute to do a basic presentation with a binder, it’s too long. If people want to know more, they will ask.
And “Yes”, a lot of this can be used on the web. When I interview my clients for a website, binder, email series or brochure, I try to be more efficient and use good materials in more than 1 place if possible.
To learn what make sense in your trade, talk to me at Steady Contractor. From bobcats to roof ridge caps, I can give you ideas so potential customers remember you well.┬áLet’s talk about getting you more contracts with the right types of customers.
How to be Memorable in the 1st Meeting: Carry Marketing Ammunition

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