In the next 1-2 minutes, can you see the total of all your possible deals for the next month, so you can estimate income, if you need resources and other important planning?

Get all your contacts (past customers, potential customers, suppliers, referral partners) into a simple-to-use system. A good system is one you can easily use with clear steps to follow.

Process & Questions for efficient Contact & Deal Management

Aside from contact information, you want to know a couple of key things about each contact/organization and possible deal, such as:

  • Possible value of the deal
  • Do you know when the decision is expected?
  • Your contact is a decision-maker?
  • Is this a priority to the person/organization?
  • Where is this deal at now, compared to the specific stages in your sales process (1st contact, detailed discussion, quote prepared, quote delivered)
  • Notes about this contact, organization and possible deal

Some of the above you need to do, and some of it can be done by an part-time assistant, in a few minutes each week. That person can keep your Contact & Deal Manager up-to-date, let you know who needs contacting and how. You focus on the real deals and get more potential deals on track. Then you can choose the right ones.

How Contact & Deal Management can work

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