When the competition is all moving in 1 direction, you need to watch them, and the customers – then choose what’s right. There will always be room in the market for your unusual services, if there are enough customers.

From bedroom renovations to plumbing, and from landscaping to roofing, someone will say they can do the job “Faster and Cheaper”. It’s not easy walking away from a potential job even when the budget is low.

When I hear “everyone is discounting”, it tells me 3 things:
• You feel real pressure to change, because of the types of people you are talking with;
• The “better customers” are not learning about your service quality;
• You need to find those people ready to talk about their ideal project, not get stuck on pricing.


It’s great to hear a client say “before I was frustrated with getting average customers and doing average work. And I had difficulty getting reasonable rates for my quality of work. Now I get better customers who appreciate the service level we do”.

Find The Few
Be sensitive to the market, and find 10% who care about your quality. Get away from average fees from homeowners who ask price first. Get more customers who recognize your quality, then your reputation as an above-average contractor will grow.

You can’t be average and grow a special reputation. Let’s talk about who the right customers are for you. It starts with a detailed conversation so I can understand your competitive situation, and your memorable differences. Then you will receive a free Report plus potential Budget & Schedule. The Goal: Improve the number of better sales opportunities so you get the customers you prefer. Then your reputation will start to open new doors.


Competitive Positioning Is A Balance

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