Attending networking has great value in getting new contacts. By doing 10 minutes of preparation, you can boost results and be more efficient with your time. Then you can find the right type of group, and they will welcome you.

1. Look at all the contacts you have now in your different lists: past customers, referral sources like realtors and other contractors, suppliers, “connected people”.
2. Somehow your list has missing types of people. These people could be part of an age group you don’t have many contact; part of a geographic community where you want more income; cultural groups you aren’t part of.
3. Find community or business events with those types of people. Use Google and find location, date and contact information.
4. Confirm the next meeting is still scheduled, and they would welcome you. Tell them you are wanting to visit to see if this can help your grow your list of contacts. If the contact person asks you “will you be trying to sell something”, your answer is honestly “No”. Don’t push at meetings, ask a few questions and listen.
5. If you help people in that group somehow, they will want to see you again. If you try to sell, they won’t trust you much.


Before you go Networking, choose an event with right mix of people

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