Before you attend a networking event (and hope to get a pocket full of business cards from new contacts), do these 3 things:
• What few important facts do you want to learn about others – to judge their value to you?
• What 1 idea do you want others to remember about you?
• Consider: How will you look for that 1 person at the event has the most connections to your potential customers?

During the event:
• In 2 minutes you can learn if someone is right to talk with, and set up a time to talk in detail on another day; or thank them and walk away;
• Get others talking: Learn what other people need, so you can help them and become memorable for you. It starts with them learning to trust you. Don’t sell yet, it’s too soon.

Immediately after the event:
• Record who to stay in touch with – the few good ones;
• What do they care about?
• Put their information into your system to stay in touch;
• Consider: Was this event good enough to attend again and build relationships?

If you want assistance in setting up an easy-to-use system, ask us at Steady Contractor. It’s all about getting your more potential sales conversations.


9 Steps To Networking Success

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