Simple ideas that make a huge difference in how potential customers think about you.

1. Web Home page clearly identifies who you can help
2. Graphics and colours fit your business
3. Short text is easy to read
4. Show a range of services customers might need with some detail
5. Testimonials prove you’ve helped others similar to them
6. Easy to contact you by phone, email or form on website
7. Your experience & credentials
8. Photos: before & after; close-up details showing quality
9. News, blog or tips updated reasonably often
10. Proof of insurance & safety
None of these are difficult. With some simple planning and thought, your website and your quick presentation can make you very memorable.

Need specific ideas and guidance? Contact Steady Contractor – first we ask you a lot of questions; then you get specific answers and recommendations.

10 essentials for your website & simple presentation

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